Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Our World Tuesday

Mysore palace needs no introduction.Here it is for you through my lenses.So regal in every aspect but the branches of tree and other greenery  over there gave extra beauty,if you can view it carefully.In fact,It was not planned and sometimes things would go like that.  

At the entrance point, there was a vendor selling old coins and toy cycles.Could be useful for philatelists.Wish there were more of Mysore kingdom.Cycles looked the replicas of actual ones and the size doesn't matter sometimes.

A Media person was speaking to visitors.No doubt NDTV.Perhaps they were  making comments on Palace related issues.No camera man was in the frame since  the child overlapped the view all of a sudden.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Chamundi Hills Temple

Goddess Chamundeswari is the presiding deity at the Chamundi hills and  the temple is 13 k.m. away from Mysore,Karnataka.That day,when we visited the place was  witnessed by  large turn out of   pilgrims.Outside the temple,there were many vendors selling their products.

Demon like statue  here in the picture is called Mahisasura.It looked so  prominent soon after we afoot in the  premises  of the temple.The hill is 3,489 feet above the sea level.With lots of  vehicles over there ,  the place  seemed busy all the days.mysore  kings patronized the temple  in a  great  way.
This is the part of glimpses during the uphill journey.Cool breeze and eye feasting lush green take take us to most happy state.Pilgrims were seemingly from many states.

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Monday, July 3, 2017

Sri Rangapatna and some glimpses

Sri Rangapatna  ,the renowned  historical  and religious place  located nearby Mysore,say 15 k.m. from there.The temple of Sri Ranganadha here is one of the most important  landmarks  for Sri Vaishnava tradition.The  temple was built in 9th century and renovated in the time of Hoyasala and Vijayangara  regimes.River Kaveri is synonymous with the place.

(Temple street,Sri Rangapatna) 

There were many shops selling various  articles.See the varieties for yourself.Hats,statues,house hold utilities and others.There were several small scale industries around the place.

Above is the plaque telling the story of the ancient temple.

From another angle.

Play ground nearby the temple

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

At Kuruva Island

This stream and  the shore with a massive tree of roots were shot at Kuruva Island  of Kerala.Children  were  looking  at something.There  was  an exciting ride on raft to reach it and  which was  only a small area  of spacious island.Stunning  with splendid  greenery and  water  flowing  around where  people used to  hang out.Holidays were  crowded  with  people.Remaining days  were serene.

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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Our World Tuesday

With springing  a surprise, coming  here with the photo of a mango tree not only that with its fruits scattering on the ground.It was also seemed to be the place  for unused  or repairable furniture.Have been spent around the place for a vacation.No takers were there.The  fruits kept like that in  bizarre order all the days.Sometimes  rotten,sometimes afresh,no one cares to eat the mangoes ..why..?

It was an office backyard at Mysore.Even sweepers were there to clean but none initiates to touch them.Good discipline however.Birds used to  splash  the remains of the fruits.A deliberate plan for non-humans.?  

Monday, June 12, 2017

Kuruva Island : Kerala

I was in Mysore on the purpose of attending a work shop,in the last month.After having seen a few important land marks , headed towards Wayanad district to see some less known or explored places.Happened to be at Sultan bathery of Kerala to move further to see Kuruva Island.In fact,I was not aware of this place until a friend suggested it as a worth seeing nature's gift.We have taken a taxi from Sultan bathery,which is a municipality in Wayanad district.Almost a two hour drive from there.

The Island was fully covered with greenery.And there were bamboo rafts to cross the water body to reach the Island.The ride over there was fun along with fellow visitors.With the help of the rope,the raft kept moving slowly on the surface of the water.In Island,there was plenty of forest land and flowing streams.Hope you enjoy the video captured for you all.

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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

V for Visitors at Mysore Palace.

Mysore, of course now turned Mysuru for a bunch of reasons, is now our topic.And the palace located in the place is a must to visit for every one who arrive in the royal city.Maybe,there were gorgeous ones over out there but the history is the buzzword adhere to it.Here we can find different kinds of visitors came here from different places and indulged in their own pursuits.Let's see more in forthcoming pictures.

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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

U for Udagamandalam Trip

Udagamandalam needs no introduction in India.It is also called as Ooty , a well-known hill station in the state of Tamilnadu.Anywhere you go in the place,there was some feel of Deja Vu.Why it be so,perhaps it is the place captured in number of movies those we have seen.Weather was so cool.Don't ask about greenery.Abundant all the way.

It was so fun and great experience while ascending to the upper part via vehicle.Atleast 36 curves to have crossed.There were plenty of facilities to roam around for a couple of days.Boating,trekking and awesome ambiance are at your comfort.

Apart from clicking some scenes, A video was also shot on the occasion,see here above.

Lake for boating

Botanical gardens


Saturday, May 27, 2017

Mysuru Trip and some Photos

Mysuru is considered as the cultural hub of Karnata state.And of course,who forgets Mysore sandal soap,Mysore oxen,Mysore bajji,Mysore pack sweet and so on.I happened to be in and around the city recently.So how can't we be idle without clicking some snaps,that too with involving with a photo blog.Sharing things like these make one happier.

The above in the picture is Jagmohan Palace.When we arrived there.There was a public function in full swing with people gathering.And there were many artifacts shops,textile shops and a painting exhibition consists of inside and outside artists of India.Silk is the buzzword about Mysuru.So everywhere we can see silk saree shops along with other garments.

Chamarajendra Zoological park was one that attracts all walks of visitors.Plastic was strictly prohibited.Some voluntary orgs were helping by providing paper bags.Children and elderly people were looking all rejoice in the presence of wild birds and animals.Greenery  was abundant in the park and spacious too.Mysuru people and local bodies were well aware of green atmosphere.It is evident all across the city.

I think these were of ostrich kind.Taking rest at their comfort.

Wild buffaloes were seen in group.

Exotic birds perching on stands in lane.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

A Quaint Building

This old construction in a new avatar with paintings.Built in the time of Britishers rule in India.Location is called Bhadrachalam and which served as Division Revenue office.Mostly used rock cuts in walls and spacious enough for people attendance for various works.High roof,windows and arch cut shape along with greenery made it as something beautiful and unique.

Recalled older days with the quaint construction.Still, sturdy enough coping with time.Hope you enjoyed the site.